Rainbow Disability Nepal

About Rainbow Disability Nepal

Rainbow Disability Nepal (RDN) was first started as a loose network for disabled LGBTIQ+ community in 2019. Later, on 11 November 2022, it was registered as Indreni Apangata Nepal (Rainbow Disability Nepal), the first non-Governmental organization working for the disabled LGBTIQ+ population in Nepal. RDN works to ensure the basic human rights for the disabled LGBTI people across the country, and has plan to work in future internationally too. It’s a first organization that works for people who identify themselves as Disable and LGBTI. On This Interactional Issue we have LGBTI people who identify themselves as disabled and Disable Person Living with HIV.

About Our Founder

Aaditya Rai is a Gay man with disability. He’s been advocating for LGBTI right since 2013. Due to his intersectional issue, he has faced many discriminations. Even his education scholarship was boycotted when he came out in media as gay and disable. He had no social protection and society then where he was accepted. However, 2013 turned out to be a turning point for him; he joined Blue Diamond Society and started working as a program officer.

In 2019 he believe that youth like him are left behind because of being LGBTI disability, cast, orphan, and intersectional issue.

LGBTI disability communities are left behind in every aspect of SDGs and inclusion. Society and community are not aware about this issue of LGBTI disability. LGBTI disability issue need to be brought out in mainstream. On November, 2022, he was finally successful in registering the Rainbow Disability Nepal. Now, he takes care of RDN as a sitting President of the organization.

Founder / President of RDN

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